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Sunday 1st September
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The Flute Tree welcomes flautist Marie Heinrich who will discuss her current doctoral work The Dastgah Concept in Contemporary Iranian Art Music: An Anaylsis and Guide for Flute Performance. This lecture-recital examines the concept of culturally-informed performance practice in relation to Contemporary Iranian Art Music and its flute repertoire. It also provides general guidelines for the performance of compositions influenced by non-western music. The works by Iranian-American composer Reza Vali will be featured.



International flautist Marie Heinrich enjoys a lively career as a performer, researcher and educator. Known for her instinctive musicality and robust sound, Marie has performed as a solo, orchestral and chamber musician throughout Australia, Europe, North America and New Zealand. Notable engagements include solo and chamber performances at the 2017 American Spring Festival in Prague and performances with the Palace Gate Orchestra and Colorado Mahlerfest Orchestra.

Currently residing in Germany, Marie is pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy in Music at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, Griffith University and concurrently completed further postgraduate studies with Trevor Wye at his flute studio in England.

Marie also studied with Alexa Still at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music (Masters of Music) and with Laura Chislett. Other qualifications include a Bachelor’s degree in K-12 Music Education and a Diploma in K-12 Education from the University of Colorado.

Marie plays a custom-made silver flute by Brannen Brothers in Boston with a silver headjoint from Sanford Drelinger in White Plains, New York.

Event Date 01 September 2019
Event Location Flute Tree Studio
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