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Gather at the intimate inner west concert space
The Flute Tree Studio
for a unique performance of contemporary Australian woodwind music
featuring Alicia Crossley (recorders) and Keyna Wilkins (flute and loop pedal)

Saturday 15th June at 7.30pm.

The Studio


Keyna & Alicia



Alicia Crossley is one of Australia’s leading recorder players. She performs a wide variety of repertoire from renaissance dance tunes to contemporary electro-acoustic works with a particular interest in bass recorder repertoire.


In 2010 Alicia completed her Masters of Music (Performance) at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music under the instruction of recorder virtuoso Hans-Dieter Michatz. Since then Alicia has won several competitions and awards including the Don Cowell Memorial Trust Recorder Competition (2011), the Australia Council’s ArtStart Grant for emerging artists (2013), and the Fine Music 102.5 Kruger Scholarship (2014). In 2011, Alicia released her debut solo CD Addicted to Bass featuring seven newly commissioned Australian works for bass recorder, followed by her second solo CD Alchemy in 2015, which was nominated for Best Classical Music Album by AIR (Australian Independent Record Labels Association). In 2018 released her third CD Muse with the acclaimed Acacia Quartet, and is featured on the soundtrack for the film Storm Boy.


An experienced recorder player, Alicia regularly performs throughout Australia and has toured in the USA and New Zealand. She has also presented works at a number of festivals and conferences including Tilde New Music Festival (2019), Electro-Fringe (2018), Metropolis (Melbourne 2017), Aurora Festival (Sydney 2012, 2014), Vivid Festival (Sydney 2013), Australasian Computer Music Conference (Brisbane, 2012), Electronic Music Midwest (Chicago, 2012), and SEAMUS (Minnesota, 2013). Alicia has had broadcast with ABC Classic FM, Fine Music 102.5, 2GB and Radio New Zealand, and has performed with notable artists and ensembles such as Neal Peres da Costa (Harpsichord), Daniel Yeadon (cello/viola da gamba), Hans-Dieter Michatz (recorder), Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, Salut! Baroque, The Sydney Consort, and The Marais Project. Alicia is also a member of the unique and vibrant ensemble Duo Blockstix.


Alicia is a passionate supporter of contemporary Australian recorder repertoire and has collaborated with a number of Australian composers, premiering works by Lyle Chan, Sally Whitwell, Jessica Wells, Julian Day, Daniel Rojas, Damian Barbeler, Stephen Yates, Paul Cutlan, Elias Constantopedos, Hayden Woolf, Tristan Coelho, Mark Oliveiro, Andrew Batt-Rawden, Chris Williams, Paul Castles and Alex Pozniak.





Keyna Wilkins is a pioneering musician-composer who performs her own compositions and improvisations. She was one of three national finalists in the APRA/AMCOS Art Music Awards for Individual Excellence 2018 and has performed around the world. While classically trained, she has branched into jazz, flamenco, live theatre and has studied intuitive conceptual improvisation with Tibetan Buddhist musician Tenzin Cheogyal. 

In her solo flute concerts, Wilkins explores concept of stream-of-consciousness improvisations alongside her fully composed pieces, using loop pedal and visual projections. Her improvisations are spontaneous musical ideas inspired by her myriad of music experiences with the aim of synthesizing into one voice, creating emotional connection and attaining a meditative state. Stylistically broad, inspired by Debussy and Jethro Tull in equal measure, her concerts will take you on a journey of impressionistic dream-like sequences alongside landscape depictions, existential philosophical quests alongside whimsical gestures. 

In 2017 Wilkins released Air In Motion, a flute album of her compositions and improvisations inspired by jazz, flamenco and impressionism. Wirripang has published a number of her solo flute compositions: Buleria Fiero, Floating in Space, Star Trance for Bass Flute and Star, Onyx for 4 Flutes, Aurorae Sinus for Flute, Trumpet and Double Bass, and Flamenco Etudes, a book of graded flamenco studies. Her flute compositions have been performed around UK and Australia by herself and flutists such as Alison Mitchell, Angus McPherson, Jessica Scott and Nicole Samsa. In 2019 she was selected to feature at the Australian Flute Festival held at Sydney Conservatorium 2019.

She has attained Flute Performance + Composition BA Music from Sydney Conservatorium, Hildesheim University (Germany) and Bath Spa Unversity (UK), which included a year of study at each location, as well MA Flute Performance at Bristol University (UK) and LRSM and M Mus Composition from Sydney Conservatorium.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-0-Wn_INeY&list=PLpTylrzldroJvZSz6BXuWuYCriP879oVN

Full ($25.00)
Concession ($20.00)

Flute Tree & The Woodwind Group
Suite 1/111 Moore Str

Event Date 15 June 2019
Event Location Flute Tree STudio
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